Life Coaching Charleston, SC


I invite you to embark on a journey of awareness of how our past influences our present.  The stories we have created and who we think we are may have an adverse impact for how we make sense of what has happened in the past and what is happening in our lives today.  This can lead to the triggering of repetitive negative patterns of thoughts, emotions and behaviors that keep bringing us more of what we do not want.

In Life Coaching, we will engage in a process of education, exploration and powerful experiential exercises, including NLP.  You will learn and practice innovative techniques to gain clarity, promote emotional healing, design a compelling future, and create a new identity for how you show up for yourself and others. We will develop a strategy to transform the narrative of your story, self-limiting beliefs and habitual negative patterns in order to achieve your goals, reclaim your personal power and experience inner peace.

Charleston Marriage Counseling

Nothing triggers us more than the interactions we have in our intimate relationships. This well-known phenomenon is at the root for most of the dysfunction that occurs in marriages and partnerships.  Looking at this scenario in an empowered way, and creating a plan for strategic change is what I help my couple clients achieve.

At the beginning of the Marriage Counseling / Coaching, I share with couples an important distinction. Within each relationship, there are three entities.  There are two “I’s” and a “WE”.  Each person is an “I” and has 50% responsibility for the state of the relationship. The space that they interact in is called the “WE.”  The process begins by each person taking personal responsibility for their “I” issues, and the impact that has on the “WE”.

Having successful communication occurs when each partner stops defending and blaming and chooses instead to own and change. The ability to listen, understand, validate and empathize with each other’s world is the key to creating and sustaining a loving bond of safety, certainty and trust.  Through the use of powerful exercises and practice, couples identify their most important needs and create a strategy to meet theirs, and each other’s needs.  

About Glenn S. Cohen Coaching

I serve individuals, couples, and businesses who want a proactive, challenging and supportive coaching process to help them create the changes to accomplish their goals. I utilize multitudes of strategies to affect transformation including those I use as an NLP Master Practitioner.

I work with people locally in the Charleston area and nationally on-site or via phone, Skype, Zoom, etc. I offer a complimentary initial interview for someone to explore whether Life Coaching, Marriage Counseling / Coaching or Executive Coaching is the best path for them to achieve their goals and desires.

Working with Glenn has truly changed me. If you are ready to get real, be open to learning new techniques and live your life to the fullest, Glenn can help get you there! (read full review)” —  Lisa R.

Get into gear. (It all starts here.)

Glenn’s Five Intentions of Empowerment is an amazing tool to use as the the first step toward your new journey. This exercise will excite and inspire you to begin, aid you in doing the work that can transform your perspectives and give you the greatest chance of success at achieving relationship peace and fulfillment.