glennStrategic Growth Coaching is for individuals and couples inspired to engage in a dynamic process of change. Embark on an inner journey of awareness of how our past has programmed our unconscious mind, and the adverse impacts this can have on our current thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Practice innovative mindful techniques designed to promote deep emotional healing, release the burden of the past, and connect with our higher self. Finally, doing the work of transforming our inner language, self-limiting beliefs and habitual negative emotions in order to achieve our goals, reclaim our personal power and experience inner peace.

I work with individuals, couples, and businesses who want to be educated and encouraged to explore the origin of how and why they got to where they are. We develop an individualized strategy to break any negative cycles in order to allow growth, healing and change to occur.

I work with people locally in the Charleston area and nationally on-site or via phone, Skype, Zoom, etc. I offer a complimentary initial interview for someone to explore whether Strategic Growth Coaching is the best path for them to achieve their goals and desires.

Working with Glenn has truly changed me. If you are ready to get real, be open to learning new techniques and live your life to the fullest, Glenn can help get you there!” —  Lisa R.

Are you ready for real change?

What you need is a proactive, challenging roadmap. Not a passive treatment plan, but an actionable strategy for change—a guide you can follow and wake up to a new awareness, grow up to a renewed sense of self-empowerment and show up to create the changes necessary to free yourself to live a life of joy, connection and love.

Get into gear. (It all starts here.)

Glenn’s Five Intentions of Empowerment is an amazing tool to use as the the first step toward your new journey. This exercise will excite and inspire you to begin, aid you in doing the work that can transform your perspectives and give you the greatest chance of success at achieving relationship peace and fulfillment.