glennLife, love, leadership, loss...these can be challenging roads to travel, but you don't have to navigate them alone. Whether you feel stuck in your life, struggling in a relationship or experiencing challenges at work, there is a way to move from confusion to clarity in order to gain direction, purpose and inner peace.

Glenn knows what it’s like to feel stuck. He also knows what happens when you discover your destiny and the freedom of true purpose and inner peace—and has extensive knowledge and a powerful set of tools and techniques to help you get there.

Whether you want to face your fears and anxiety of the future or let go of pain or shame from your past, repair and strengthen a marriage or build a team of engaged employees, Glenn Cohen’s personalized approach will empower you to replace negative, self-limiting thoughts, emotions and behaviors...and completely transform your beliefs and stories into the life you want to live.



Working with Glenn has truly changed me. If you are ready to get real, be open to learning new techniques and live your life to the fullest, Glenn can help get you there!” —  Lisa R.

Are you ready for real change?

What you need is a proactive, challenging roadmap. Not a passive treatment plan, but an actionable strategy for change—a guide you can follow and wake up to a new awareness, grow up to a renewed sense of self-empowerment and show up to create the changes necessary to free yourself to live a life of joy, connection and love.

Get into gear. (It all starts here.)

Glenn’s Five Intentions of Empowerment is an amazing tool to use as the the first step toward your new journey. This exercise will excite and inspire you to begin, aid you in doing the work that can transform your perspectives and give you the greatest chance of success at achieving relationship peace and fulfillment.