Divorce Counseling Versus Divorce COACHING

Discover the Difference with Glenn

You’ve made the decision to go in different directions. Now it's time to "consciously un-couple", and that's where Glenn's divorce coaching comes in.

Whether you've already begun the separation process or are starting to contemplate it, Glenn can work with you one-on-one or as a couple (or both) to help you gain true clarity. Together we'll develop a strategy to either repair the relationship or uncouple consciously.

You may have already hired legal teams and now find yourself in a tangled web of custody, finances and other legal matters. Glenn's here to help you navigate the emotional waters and enter an amicable divorce instead of a costly, nasty legal fight.

And if children are involved, they will be the highest priority. We'll work to ensure your kids are encircled with positive energy and avoid a “war of the roses” scenario that can unintentionally harm children more than the divorce itself.

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