Marriage Counseling Versus Marriage COACHING

Discover the Difference with Glenn

Why do we spend so much time in cycles of conflict? Or work so hard to find true love, only to end up fighting so hard with the one we love? And how can we set the stage for a truly fulfilling, life-long partnership.

The answers to these questions and others like them can be discovered in marriage coaching. Glenn's efficient, holistic approach offers a more actionable alternative to traditional partnership and marriage coaching. Here's how:

  • In counseling, the typical therapist works with couples only. Glenn's unique process blends individual sessions with couples coaching for a 360-degree look at relationship well-being.
  • In coaching, you explore the past only to identify clues as to how it adversely impacts present relationships. We'll work together as a team to discover the REAL causes of negativity, obstruction, turmoil and conflict—both individually and in the relationship.
  • Accountability is key, and each partner will be held responsible for his or her own role in the dance of circular arguments. This is how we’ll begin to change old habits and beliefs so you can grow in a healthy, wholesome, mutually beneficial way.

Even the most well intentioned therapist could leave us stuck discussing “feelings” without much accountability and clear direction. Glenn has held us each completely accountable. We have eternal thanks to him.—Bob P.

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