Last night, an interesting thought occurred to me.  First, I want to begin by offering my hope that everyone is doing their part to help stop the spread of this insidious virus.  Please be mindful to follow the CDC guidelines and stay safe.


I believe we are in the beginning of a Universal Reset.  In all of our individual lives and throughout history, we have faced many challenges.  Some were human-made, and others were by acts of Mother Nature.   The worldwide spread and turmoil the pandemic is causing at this time in history is curious to me.

In todays interconnected world, I believe we have become disconnected.  It seems like we have become entitled to the conveniences brought about with technological advances along with the abundancies and ease of product availability.

We appear to be so connected to our phones and devises which in many ways keeps us from truly connecting with others.  It seems like we have become so focused on our careers, getting ahead and taking care of ourselves.   I sense this has led us to be more self-centric focused and selfish with our time, energy and attention

It is my belief that there is a higher power with infinite wisdom and compassion.  No matter which religion you worship, we should accept the differences and honor each other’s right to choose.  For the purpose of this post, I will use the term Universe as a catch all phrase which I feel includes all religions and views.

It is my feeling that the Universe is challenging us to have a reset.  When the pendulum swings too far, it must be reset back to baseline.  The question is, as humans, have we swung too far, and will we take advantage of this opportunity?

From climate change to income inequality.  From accepting our differences no matter whether it is our sexual orientation to the color of our skin.  From looking out for number one to caring for our neighbors.  From whether you are a Republican or a Democrat.  Challenges are opportunities for reflection, growth and expansion. 

The question is are we at an inflection point?  Is the Universe asking all of us to look inside and learn and grow during these difficult times?   Are we being challenged to become more open, curious, reflective and adaptive as individuals and as a collective community?

We always have a choice for how we assign meaning to any situation.  We have an amazing opportunity at this time to come together and change the course of human history.  

I hope we choose to assign an empowered meaning that serves each and the greater good.  I hope we use this time to focus on how we can inspire and contribute going forward.

I pray we all look within and use this time to develop deeper relationships with the self and our loved ones.  I have faith we will come together and come out of this reset as a more compassionate, vulnerable, loving and appreciative people. 

Wake Up Grow Up Show Up
How are You Feeling and Dealing?

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