Dance in Your Field of Sunflowers

Dance in Your Field of Sunflowers

“In order to grow, let go of fear,

change the story and find your flow.” 

~  Glenn Cohen.

This amazing journey of enlightenment begins when you learn to be still, to quite your mind and hear the clarity of wisdom; the truth of your soul.  Embrace this message and listen to your inner voice in order to recognize and realize the power your fearful memories and limiting beliefs rooted in your story have on your life today.


The law of nature states that things are in the process of growth or death.  If we believe we are a victim, if we feel we are suffering or if we behave like we are stuck, our spirit is not growing and the sense of inner death begins to pollute our soul.  The biggest blockages to growth are the unresolved memory wounds ~ UMWs ~ that form during our journey through life.  It is within these unresolved memory wounds that our fears and limiting beliefs are created.

To begin your journey, I ask that you shed any self-protective armor you may have and consider if the following hold any pearls of truth for you.   In some area of your life today, do you have thoughts of being a victim, feelings of suffering and/or acting like you are powerless and stuck?   If so, does the following sound familiar?   When you tell your story to yourself and others, does it seem like it does not flow and does not sound coherent.  Do you find it difficult to make sense of your version of the story and is the meaning you attach to the story dis-empowered?

If so, you are not alone.  We all have unresolved memory wounds to varying degrees and we are all members of the illustrious walking wounded society.  When we are not able to tell our story in an empowered way that flows, makes sense and is coherent, this is an indication that we need to stop, be honest with ourselves and take time to learn, stretch, grow and heal.

“No one is broken and no one needs to be fixed.”  UMWs ~ unresolved memory wounds lead you to develop some bad habits during your lifetime that need to be owned and changed. Unfortunately what happens is you define yourself and others label you based on experiences when these hurtful and inappropriate habits cause pain.

These habits originate from the relational traits of your thought processes, emotional states and behavior patterns.  When you develop “I” centric habits for these traits, you end up in a circular pattern that breeds the characteristics of negativity, obstruction, turmoil, and conflict in your relationships with yourself and others.

Let go of your fears by making a definitive decision to live by the mantra, “it is what it is” and surrender to what was, what is and what might be.  Be aware that fear is just a mental activity originating from neurons that fired and wired together in the past.

Your story and the accompanying beliefs created to support the fear were probably useful defense mechanisms in your past but in the present, they are keeping you stuck in a self-validating story of suffering, victimhood and disempowerment.  You are the master of your domain and you do have a choice to change your story!

To begin the process of growth, be intentional to use your special gift of conscious focus to monitor and modify the language embedded in the story you are telling yourself and others about your life.  When you look in the mirror of awareness, do you see the signs of denial, accusations, blame and assumptions in the reflection?  Ask yourself, “In my story, have I created agendas, expectations and obligations towards myself, others, things or situations that are manifesting in ways which are causing confusion, disconnection and pain within me and in my relationships?

Science has proven that we can use our mind to change the structure of our brain.  Nurture your personal power by using conscious focal attention to adopt new meanings and beliefs to your story.  When you intentionally use the power of your mind, you are firing and wiring a new pathway of neurons to process your evaluations of the present. 

By taking back your personal power, you gain the confidence to step up and be the author of your story. Have courage to write the new script filled with words and meanings of self-empowerment, love, safety, clarity, connection, joy, peace, presence, gratitude, giving, forgiveness and faith.  It is this integrating technique that changes your disempowered beliefs, hurtful habits and promotes the healing of your unresolved memory wounds, 

With this new understanding, find your flow by being mindful each day to apply the lessons you have learned as your navigate the new map of your journey.  Begin by accepting absolute personal responsibility for any decisions you make concerning your thoughts, emotions and behaviors.  

Learn to be flexible by being open to how you evaluate the present, to be curious to ask questions to understand before being understood, to take time after you feel triggered to be reflective and not reactive and choose to be conscious to be adaptive to the curve balls and unexpected storms of life.

My prayers are for you to SHOW UP and live each day with peace, purpose and passion and cultivate relationships that are healthy, happy and harmonious.  My wish is for you to be vulnerable to love unselfishly and unconditionally, to be inspired to make others smile and relish in the knowingness of authenticity radiating from the pure joy that fills your soul.

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