How are You Feeling and Dealing?

 Life stress and challenges are the leading cause for the triggers that activate our nervous system.  Triggers lead us to engage in unconscious patterns of thoughts, emotions, behaviors and the stories we tell ourselves that either serve us or cause some form of suffering in our lives and the lives of the ones we love.

The unprecedented time we have been living through for the last few months is the perfect storm of uncertainty, staying at home, worrying about the health of loved ones and our financial well-being.  

Has this stress and challenge caused a disruption in the relationship you have with yourself and with others?  How has this affected how you feel and how you deal?  Do you find yourself in a pattern where you are feeling with a lot of emotions and not dealing well in your mind OR are you dealing too much in your mind and without a lot of feeling?

How has this affected how you interact with your partner?  Are you bonding or floundering?  Do you find that you are becoming short and having difficulty communicating how you are feeling and dealing?  Are you both being there for each other with patience and compassion or are you feeling like a victim, deflecting, debating and defending your perspective? 

How is your relationship with your children?  Were you able to be present when the daily school tasks seemed endless?  How are you coping with the many hats you may be wearing at this time?  Do you find yourself becoming agitated and stressed?  At the end of the day do you feel guilty for not “giving” enough?  Do you beat yourself up over what you did NOT do instead of focusing on your accomplishments?

Are you able to live in the present moment even with all of the uncertainty and chaos in the world?  Has the stress and challenge of this time brought to the surface any old unhealed or unresolved emotional issues that you know you have been wanting to work on for some time?  

As the famous American philosopher Joseph Campbell said, we are all on a hero’s journey whereby we have to face our darkness in order to find our light.  I invite you to watch the documentary, “Finding Joe” and to use this time to begin your hero’s journey. I encourage you to do the inner work to free yourself from old disempowering patterns that you know are not serving you or others. 

The biggest challenges give us the opportunity for the greatest growth.  Are you ready to finally deal with the internal triggers that may bring rigidity, chaos, confusion, pain and/or disconnection into your life? 

If you would like to engage in a powerful, dynamic process of healing and transformation, I would be honored to be your coach and guide you on your inner journey.  To get a better understanding for what I do, I invite you to read some of my former client testimonials on my website or on the Glenn S. Cohen Coaching Google reviews.

My coaching process is unlike anything you have ever experienced.  I am open, direct and honest with my clients and identify their negative patterns to make them aware of how they are intertwined in their lives.  90% of all we do is unconscious and as Carl Jung would say, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

This a very active, engaging and experiential process.  Since most of our disempowered patterns are unconscious, we begin with a bottom-up approach focusing on the body and then a top-down method of working with the mind.  This helps to facilitate an integration between the body, emotions and the mind.  We have to be mindful and conscious to do the work of interrupting the old patterns and then replacing and conditioning new empowered patterns.  

As a Life & Neurological Coach, my process is very powerful and effective but ONLY if my clients follow through with the assignments and do the work outside of our sessions.  It is through time, energy, intentional attention and repetition that the new coding takes hold, so your new empowered patterns become unconscious. 

My coaching process begins with an exploration of how these patterns were wired into my client’s supercomputer within their nervous system.  I am a big believer in education, so I help my clients understand interpersonal neurobiology and how they become programmed.  I help them understand the new science of how we all have the power with neuroplasticity to change the structure of our mind. 

Clients use the power of their active imagination and sensory data to take inner journeys that resolve old cycles and sabotaging patterns whereby they release the stuck emotional energy and corresponding limiting beliefs.  This leads to integration within and creates new empowering patterns to greatly improve the relationship, they have with themselves and others. 

I am back in my office in Mt. Pleasant with the essential supplies and my office is set up for maintaining proper social distancing.  I also am offering to see clients via Zoom or FaceTime. 


If you are interested in exploring whether this path is right for you, please send me an email from my website on the contact page.

I am offering anyone interested a complimentary initial interview to ask questions, get a feel for my process and see if this is the right fit for you.

All my best;


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