Relationship rehab like no other.  Marriage and PreMartial

It doesn’t matter if you’re dating, engaged, married, in a partnership or going through a separation or divorce—Glenn’s practical knowledge and proven techniques can help any relationship grow and continue to stay on the path to health, happiness and harmony.

Unlike counseling and therapy, relationship coaching is designed to teach you actionable skills that can be used to effectively understand, communicate, connect, heal and grow.

Whether you need help navigating a painful transition or setting a solid foundation, Glenn’s comprehensive process will lead to more joy in relationships than you ever dreamed possible.

My relationship was saved by Glenn Cohen and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking understanding of themselves, their partner or their relationship.“ - Maggie P.

Glenn’s relationship coaching is perfect for:

  • Dating and premarital couples who want to gain clarity, answer the question “Are you the one?” and proactively learn skills to sustain and maintain a healthy relationship through education and enrichment.
  • Married and Committed partners looking to strengthen bonds, repair damage or rekindle passion in order to become “Best Friends during the Day, Lovers at Night and Partners for Life.”
  • Separating and divorced couples who are ready to heal the past, rid themselves of negative, painful emotions, co-parent amicably and be ready for the next relationship opportunity by “uncoupling” consciously.

Glenn helps partners and spouses learn to communicate better, manage conflicts, fulfill each other’s needs and create solid relationship foundations. And if you’re navigating the emotional challenges of separation and divorce, let him be your guide through that too.

Ready to rewire your relationship?

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