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I would recommend Glenn Cohen to everyone I love and care about.  The Re-claiming process has been life changing and unlike anything I have done before.  Since starting with Glenn, he has opened my eyes to the negative language I was using and how changing the way I look at things will change how I feel about them.  Truly releasing and healing my past in order to become the best me ever.   I’m so thankful to have meet Glenn and had the opportunity to work with him one on one as he perfected his process into what it is now.  He is truly gifted in his ability to lead you into your most empowered self!


Glenn is a very amazing person.  He will give you a reality check in a heartbeat, sometimes individuals in situations aren't ready for the truth.  Glenn teaches you how to be an empowered stable individual, and sometimes the chips fall as they may when it comes to that.  It is up to you the individual to take on the responsibility for your own mental and spiritual health.


Glenn is probably the best person I've ever met to help guide you with that, but it's on you.  If you're willing to accept his information and (apply it) you will be a changed individual.  If you don't then you won't.  A lot of people expect a marriage counselor to guide you through all your issues and take you by the hand, Glenn does not at least not the way you think, he has each individual look at themselves take the truth for what it is, if you become a understanding individual intern you will become a better couple.  His principles are spot-on and yes it sucks to be called out trust me, but it was what I needed when I needed it.


Understand something, if one of you in your marriage chooses to become a changed person through his teachings and the other one doesn't, well it is what it is.  For me as a person Glenn help give me the information and the tools to be a better person and a better Communicator completely.


Glenn if you read this, I can't say it enough, I appreciate you brother.  Thank you for everything that you've done.



In the realm of coaching and healers there are some human beings who clearly have a gift. The gift that Glenn Cohen has is one like I’ve never encountered in my long history with coaches, therapists, and healers.


As a mental health clinician, myself I know how rare it is to find someone who truly knows how to get into the human psyche, body, and soul. The experience working with Glenn is like no other you’ll ever have. Glenn is a professional space holder while simultaneously being a magical, compassionate bullshit cutter. He sees your soul and work from all possible angles and is a master at helping you uncover your blind spots. He intentionally and beautifully guides you as you return to your true self and spirit.


Glenn knows an inordinate amount about the physiology and biology of the ways our body holds and responds to trauma. He is a self-studied expert - the best possible kind. His process not only makes sense to the lay person, it transports you to a sense of grounded presence in real time. He helps you get in full touch with your boundless power, compassion, and sense of true self.


The work I have done with Glenn has forever changed the course of my path in this lifetime. The way he saw me for my truest most empowered self has touched my life a way words don’t match. If you’re really ready to dive into your person work and truly reclaim your spirit, Glenn is the only coach I recommend.


When you hear the term counseling you get a connotation that something is wrong with you.  That is the furthest thing from the truth.  Our lives are filled with pain and stress and we all deal with those things in different ways.  However, sometimes things just get beyond our control and we need help.  I was hurting from some painful life events over the past few years as well as dealing with demons from my early childhood.  I consider myself an intelligent person but felt helpless and stupid when trying to make sense of the pain and emotions I was experiencing.  I realized that I cannot go on this journey alone and needed help and Glenn was there.


Nobody starts a new task that they have never done before without training and Glenn was the perfect coach for me!  He guided me through a very challenging process where I worked my ass off to sort through the emotions and pain in my life.  I bet you are asking, "why did you do all of the work, isn't Glenn the counselor?".  Glenn has a very thorough and detailed process that I trusted with all my heart.  I am very grateful for the hard work I put in and for his guidance.  Without Glenn I would have never made it through this journey successfully.  Glenn gave me the lifetime tools to continue the work we did together to make sure I succeed.  I have seen a huge increase in my confidence and self-esteem as a result of the hard work I put in under Glenn's guidance.  I would highly recommend him to anyone (individuals or couples).  Thank you, Glenn!


I'm not sure where to begin.  I've never written a testimonial before, but I thought that it was important enough to do so.  I wish that I could say that I had met Glenn much sooner.  I feel that I've missed out on a lot of happiness and ruined some relationships along the way, and that's what brought me here.


Someone very close and important to me who knew every intimate detail of how I was ashamed of things that unconsciously made me sad and angry, told me that I didn't have to live like this.  She loved me and she encouraged me to go and see someone about things that had happened in my childhood.


She even helped me by researching and sifting through all of these different counselors and giving me her opinions on what I needed to look for.  Sadly, I waited too long and lost her, and I then became very motivated to helping myself become a different version of me because I didn't like that person and she didn't either, so I was incredibly determined to change.


Glenn did that for me and if you listen to him and what he asks of you then it's so easy that you almost don't even know it's happening until your there and those feelings of sadness and that depression aren't there anymore.  I was there every Monday morning, and it was my favorite time of the week and if it was needed then I would have gladly kept giving him my money and going to see him because I wasn't that same angry and sad person anymore.


I feel much happier and optimistic, and I could tell that people liked being around me more than before.  I'm very grateful for what Glenn has done for me and I appreciate the other person and what she had sacrificed and helping me get what I much needed.



I met Glenn during the lowest point of my life. I was unraveling from the inside out, 5 months into separating myself from an emotionally abusive partner and I couldn’t breathe let alone see where I was headed.


An angel friend told me about her experience with Glenn, and I knew I needed his help. Glenn allowed me to see the deep need for me to snap out of my spiral and take control of my life. He shined a light into some dark spaces in my soul so that I could see the potential for healing there.


I have done some of the hardest work of my life with Glenn by my side, guiding me and reminding me of my role, my choices, and my power... always encouraging me to claim my life, mistakes and all, as my own so that the life I’m now creating is as the fullest, most authentic version of myself. I have more work to do, still. Truly, I don’t know when this part of my journey will be over, but I see the light outside of the cave and I know If I do this hardest of work while in the dark, I will get to the light. And Glenn led me there. ️


Knowing we wanted to obtain actionable skills to help ourselves and our relationship, my husband and I sought out Glenn - who's skill set we found to be a beautiful blend of direct, no nonsense coaching and a model of flexibility and self awareness. In our sessions we were given the tools we originally sought out: to widen the gap between stimulus and reaction, to catch ourselves "on the way up" in a triggered moment, and how to have more meaningful and respectful structured discussion thereafter. All of Glenn's teachings are bolstered by years of research and "take home" materials for review and reference which we found to be most helpful. Highly recommended!


I saw another Megan wrote you a testimonial, so I had to write mine, too! Thank you, a million times, over, my friend!

If you would have told me that, a year from meeting Glenn Cohen, I would have quit my job, become sober, reconnected with an estranged parent, and started my own business doing what I’ve always wanted to do, I would have laughed in your face! And I probably would have run in the other direction.

To be clear, none of these decisions were suggested by Glenn. He’s not in the business of telling you what to do. His coaching style is direct, and he called my BS out at every turn -- not in a judgmental way, but in a way that helped me break through patterns that may have served me at one time but had been holding me back for years.

In our journey, he used techniques that I was initially skeptical of -- techniques that, once I bought in and surrendered to the process, allowed me to reclaim myself and my path. In working with Glenn, it became apparent that I wasn’t creating or enforcing boundaries with others, that I needed to play the role of the martyr in my career, friendships and relationships to feel validated, and that I would create scenarios to test the durability of relationships, which often resulted in self-sabotage. When opportunities came for self-examination, I would withdraw and numb out.

Thanks to Glenn's assistance, I was able to confront the ghosts of my past and forgive my parents and previous partners for harm done -- I realized that they, too, are imperfect people, and in forgiving them, I was able to reclaim a part of myself that felt stuck in the past. Most importantly, I was able to show grace to myself, and to move on from mistakes I had made in the past that had hurt others, that had hurt me.

The more I worked with Glenn, the more I came to realize that my new goals and values were not aligned with certain environments I was existing in. Reaching that point of no return was one of the most powerful and emotional periods of my life. Our work helped me develop the courage to leave those environments, or to redefine them in healthy ways. To step purposefully and courageously into an uncertain future.

I am now over seven months sober, in the beginning phases of starting my freelance writing career, and closer to my partner for having gone through tough, but necessary conversations and processes together. Glenn has been one of my greatest teachers, and I cannot express enough gratitude for his patience, direction and belief in me over the past year and several months. Meet with Glenn. Open yourself up to the process. Do the hard work required to reclaim yourself. There’s no one better to help you get there.


Glenn is a genius. If you are willing to put in the work, he can help you make SO much progress towards becoming the mentally healthy and happy person you want to be. I put his teachings into practice every single day and I am a better person for it. I cannot recommend Glenn enough.

The world would be a much better place if everyone spent some time with Glenn.


I stepped into Glenn’s little office in the winter of 2017.  This stage of my life was the darkest place I had been in.  Having the childhood, I had, coupled with one failed marriage and a slew of traumatic events, all led up to the moment I walked in there.  On the surface, it was a last-ditch effort to save my current marriage…a marriage I had already written off because my past had me living what I thought I deserved in my life.  I had a history of knowingly messing things up to make sure I controlled the end of the relationship because, in the end, everyone leaves.  Now, in the depths of my mind, I knew I needed real help because I wasn’t just on the verge of losing my wife.  I was toying with the idea of suicide.


You see, I had been struggling for years.  Decades really.  The early years of my life sucked but I don’t really remember all of the things that happened.  The things I do remember have stuck with me forever and established my self-worth.  The chaos in my mind was never ending.  When I stepped into Glenn’s office, I hadn’t just given up on my marriage; I had given up on my life.  I remember the night I told my wife that I didn’t think our relationship was going to work out. I also remember going to the guest room for the night and looking into the clauses of my life insurance to see if suicide would prevent her from receiving the payment.  That’s when I knew that I had to change something, but I didn’t know what.  I went on a late-night drive to try to clear my head.  I felt numb.  I had felt numb for years. 


As a police officer in metro Atlanta and a Soldier in the Army, I had dealt with many things that put me in dangerous situations.  It got to a point that I became more careless about the situations I was in because, what was the worst that could happen?  I get hurt?  At least I’d feel something again.  I lose my life?  I wasn’t enjoying it anyways.  January, 2016, that almost became a reality for me.  Even that situation didn’t faze me at the time.  My supervisor at the police department had to make me see the circumstances of that night for me to even realize what happened and how close I had come to being killed.


I say all of this to make sure it’s clear, I was done with life.  I didn’t go into Glenn’s office with motivation to get help.  It was a “check the box” kind of thing for me.  The only reason I went to see Glenn was to try to make my wife happy because she refused to give up on our marriage.


Immediately after meeting Glenn, I remember him sitting in his chair and just talking to me like a normal person.  He didn’t treat me like I was damaged or broken.  Every counselor I had been to treated me like I was broken.  They always said they could fix me.  Saying you can fix me just tells me I’m broken and you can see it.  That doesn’t help.  That only makes it worse.  I already couldn’t stand who I was and now someone I don’t know wants to change me.  Glenn connected with me almost immediately and, without me stating any of my feelings, told me that he wanted to help me discover who I was.  That really hit my soul.  I needed to find out who I was, not change into who someone thought I should be. 


In regards to my marriage, I told myself that I would give him a shot unless he whipped out ole faithful…”the Bible says marriage is forever.  You’re just going through a phase.  You need to weather the storm and work it out” . I quit going to counseling because that is all I ever heard. Like I was just going through a phase and needed to get over myself.  If it was that easy, I wouldn’t be looking for help. 


Glenn made me laugh when I mentioned counseling.  He immediately fired back that he was not a counselor, and this was not counseling.  He said that he was there to help us discover ourselves individually.  He explained that once we understand ourselves we would be able to fix our relationship on our own.  He said he would give us the tools to do the work and we would determine the outcome of our relationship on our own.


We decided to hire him, obviously.  At our first session, we went over our questionnaires together and he touched on a few things for each of us.  We did a couple more sessions as a couple before Glenn knew us enough to recommend separate sessions with him.  The individual sessions made me nervous at first.  I didn’t like the feeling of not having an out when I didn’t feel open to talking.  Those individual sessions, I’m confident, saved my marriage and my life. 


Glenn has a unique way of doing things.  I didn’t understand what we were doing in the moment we were doing it but when he brought each exercise full circle, and explained everything he had just learned about me, I was blown away.  He was able to tell me a specific age range and event type he believed happened to me that led to me being wired to react a certain way.  He was spot on every time.  Things I have never told anyone, he picked out like he has known me my entire life.  Once I was comfortable enough to really open myself up to change, we went to work.  We dissected and rewired my mind to think differently in exact same situations.  He helped me live the statement “I am not the product of my past”.  I had always heard it.  I have learned it.  I never knew how to live that statement.  I took all of this work with me when I deployed to Afghanistan.  While deployed, I continued to work on myself using the tools Glenn gave me.  I really found myself using the tools Glenn taught me.  I released the anchors I was still holding onto with my mom, my biological dad, and the rest of my past.  I finally stopped looking back on my life and started looking forward to the future and who I was going to be.


Now, 3 years later, I don’t even recognize the person I was back then.  Social media memories come up from back then and I get emotional because I can now see the sheer misery, I was living in.  I can feel that pain now when I couldn’t feel it then.  My anxiety is still around, but now I am self-aware of my mind to the point that I can identify the anxiety coming and calm myself without it ever being present.  I no longer have a constant sense of impending doom lingering.  I don’t feel like I’m always struggling to be good enough for everyone.  The biggest win for me is that I no longer look for the acceptance of others to feel self-worth.  I have inner peace now that I’ve never felt before.  The work is rough.  You will leave some sessions sweating.  Others, fighting back tears.  You will be exhausted.  You will dig up stuff you have suppressed for decades.  You have to accept the pain to feel again.  I owe my life to Glenn and his teaching/coaching.  Thanks for everything Glenn!

John B.


Glenn is amazing! He helped my husband and I so much! His techniques are outstanding. I highly recommend Glenn!!!! Thank you so much!


Where do I even begin to share the wonderful journey that is Glenn Cohen Coaching?


I am thirty years old and have had my fair share of traumatic experiences. I struggle with anxiety and depression on a very deep level. To make a long story short, I went to Glenn because I was, quite simply, over my sh*t. I had a clouded vision of what my issues were and I knew that nobody could help me, BUT me. Those who struggle like myself know the hardest part of depression is taking that first step towards betterment. Sometimes you wait so long it's hard to envision a life of happiness, even in the slightest. But someway, somehow, I did take that first step and I do not exaggerate when I tell you - Glenn is the best thing that ever happened to me.


In order to love others you have to first learn to love yourself. The scary part about sadness/depression is that it gets very comfortable. Remaining oblivious to the underlying symptoms is much easier than sifting through pain to better understand WHY that feeling is there in the first place. In order to rise and grow from your trauma, you first have to go back to that point in time and simply wade in those feelings for a while. This is what Glenn does. He takes you on a journey to pinpoint those triggering moments that may be the reason your thoughts are so negative today. He reprograms your brain's way of thinking. For me, personally, he turned my red thoughts to green and aided me in taking back my power over my emotions. And I am here to tell you - the relief I feel today is nothing less than extraordinary.


Let me be very clear about one thing though - YOU are the one who has to put in the work. Glenn gives you all the necessary tools to better yourself but what makes his process so wonderful is he shows you how to use these tools in your everyday life. His process has an end point and once completed you need to use what you learn to continue to grow. My last session with Glenn was almost two months ago and I am still in great spirits and focusing on my path to enlightenment. My relationships are better, my work ethic is solid, and I am also helping those around me without giving a part of myself away.


Each journey is different - but if you are ready to dive into the ugly parts of your life and finally let go of whatever may be holding you back from reaching your full potential, go have a consultation. I am a different person today thanks to Glenn and not only do I see that, but everyone around me sees that as well. Take back your power :)


Glenn’s coaching techniques have made me a happy spouse! My husband had been dealing with difficult circumstances and we seemed to be in a hopeless place of despair and unhappiness. A friend of mine highly recommended working with Glenn. We went to his webpage and read about his program but were unfamiliar with the idea of “life coaching” or his credentials. We decided to move forward only because of the testimonial of my friend, and I am so thankful we did.  

Almost immediately after my husband began working with Glenn, I noticed a difference. Glenn was able to help my husband see the limitless opportunities open to him by changing his perspective when encountering conflict. He was able to identify the things that trigger a negative response and understand why they were triggers.

Glenn has created an environment where his clients are 100% safe to explore thoughts and ideas. Glenn’s non-judging approach breaks down the false barriers built since childhood and open the possibility to life in a new, healthy reality. He worked with both of us teaching his Mindful Discussion Techniques (MDT) and how to de-fuse a situation.

The journey has given me a better understanding of myself, my husband and people in general. I do not know where we would be if we had not met Glenn, so I cannot recommend him more highly.


I sought out the help of Glenn because I was repeating the same negative behavior patterns and it was affecting not just me but my marriage and my children. I needed to dive deep and explore myself in a way that standard counseling had not helped me before. Glenn will give you the tools you need to help yourself IF you are willing to open yourself to his techniques and do the necessary work. 


Glenn is the reason I am able to move forward with a clear understanding of what I need for myself. If you are on this page wondering if his technique is right for you and if he is the person you need to see --it is, he is amazing to work with! Trust your gut, do the work, and live in a much happier state of mind.


I cannot recommend Glenn enough! I am grateful for him and the methods he has taught me.


I went to see Glenn to get help because I was having a hard time. I wasn't quite sure how to pin point what was going on but I knew there were behaviors and patterns that I wanted to get rid of. Glenn helped me understand where these patterns started, how I developed them, why I held on to them and then he gave me the tools to set me free of them. 


I have been to a therapist before and this experience was far different from that. Glenn doesn't just listen and help you work through a problem, only to be met with the same problem months or years down the road at another rough patch. He focuses on helping you change, to become a better person, the person you seek to be. His goal is transformation and I am so thankful I found Glenn.


I am doing better than ever. I am so much closer to being the person I want to be - the wife, daughter, sister, friend, coworker, employee that I know I can be. My husband, parents and friends all noticed a change. Because of what he taught me I feel I have control over my reactions and how I live my life. My habits no longer have control over me. It is so freeing!


Thank you so much, Glenn- I could never repay you!!


"A friend of mine recommended working with a life coach that deeply impacted her. As I was working through a tough transition phase in my life, Glenn Cohen was introduced to me. I have experienced many different types of "therapies" but nothing compares to my time working with Glenn. I learned that my healing process doesn't just have to do with what was happening in my life right now or the obvious things that pop into my consciousness. Through Glenn's coaching, I was able to look at the things beneath the surface that were the root of my pain so I am now able to move forward to live in my true authentic self. His approach is powerful yet gentle. The joy and freedom I now feel is something I have never experienced before. I am forever grateful. I cannot recommend Glenn Cohen enough." 


“Contrary to many of his clients, I actually found Glenn when in need of professional development. Together we developed a vision of what my future would look like and then worked hard to put thoughts into actions. Glenn is one of those people who pushes you to become the best you can be, but always in a supportive way. Because of his incredible ability to understand people and their behaviors, he was quickly able to help me translate my feelings into a tangible dream…and help me achieve it. Glenn is amazing and I am so grateful for his guidance!” Gabi  


I heard about Glenn through a friend. They spoke about how different he was from other therapists. I must say I've had worked on my own "Issues" with different therapists at different points in my life.. and stayed pretty much the same. I began to accept that the way I felt was just part of life, and that I would probably have to live with the cards I've been dealt. 

came to Glenn when I was at an ultimate low point in my life. I don't know what it was but we connected right off the bat. He got me. Glenn was different than any other therapist I've ever come across. He is a real healer. He dove in to the core. He finds the seed, and the root of whatever it is that's going on and that's what he goes for. He was able to get through layers that where built over an entire life span in no time.

One of the things I loved was that he doesn't circle around the bush. He tells it like it is. He holds you to your truth. And he will help you find it if it's lost. Glenn knew that I got on the right path before I even realized. But once I got on that path- there was no going back. I even felt different looking at myself in the mirror. I became the best version of my self and it's all thanks to him.

Glenn is a compassionate, dedicated selfless human being. It takes a special human like him to do this kind of work. I am forever grateful our paths crossed.


I spent a couple of years hearing about Glenn through no less than six friends who had been working with him. When I sat down to email him about becoming a potential client, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect or what I was looking to work through for that matter.

He assured me when we sat down to talk that we would figure it out together as long as I trusted and committed to the process. I knew I was committed to finding a more joyful existence and so it began. I've never felt so comfortable and supported through an intensive but worthwhile journey.

His work is so uniquely his and unlike anything I've ever experienced. While both challenging and emotional I can say without a doubt that I left each session a bit lighter than the one before.

If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Glenn, show up with an open mind and an open heart and do the work. You won't regret it.


Today is bittersweet for me, as I have graduated from Glenn's coaching.  

I came to Glenn back in January at the recommendation of a friend. I was going through a divorce and a big move, and I really was just not in a great spot mentally and emotionally. I knew the moment I walked into Glenn's office I had found the right person to assist me.

His energy, whiteboards everywhere, his directness...it was all what I needed. I have never worked with anyone who has been so invested in my own emotional, physical and mental health as Glenn is. I cried almost every session, rolled my eyes, complained some; but I also laughed, joked, smiled, and found "me" again. I found the confident, positive, happy person I always knew was inside me.

Glenn has not only helped me personally, but also in business. His leadership and management advice are on point. It is through Glenn I learned how intertwined your personal and business lives are. I had a goal for a new position with my employer back in March. Glenn helped me succeed in obtaining the new position and has helped me grow tremendously as a leader and manager.

I am sad today, but beyond thankful and grateful for everything Glenn has done for me. I tell everyone about Glenn. Every single person needs a Glenn in their life. He is not just any Life Coach. Glenn came into my life at just the right time. I KNOW this was not by chance. Whether you have a personal or business need, I HIGHLY recommend Glenn. ???


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